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Rehoboth Clinic opened its doors March 1, 2015, and a temporary sign was barely up before we saw our first birth! As of June 2016, over 100 babies have been born at the clinic. Designed as a multi-specialty outpatient clinic, the initial efforts have been centered around the birthing facility and treating minor health issues. Four midwives staff the facility 24x7. 

We believe this building, and the people who staff it, are essential to community well-being in Barangay Sampaloc, which has a large population but small healthcare opportunities and tiny pocketbooks. When fully operational, the Rehoboth Clinic will provide the following services:

  • Birthing services, including pre-natal exams, infant care training classes, and safe birthing and monitored recovery
  • Doctor consultations, multi-specialty (rotating)
  • Dental exams, extractions, restorations and cleanings
  • Primary laboratory diagnostic services
  • Pharmacy

In addition to outpatient services, the clinic is a source of public health education, community forums, and statistical health monitoring for the area. Our clinic provides services to all Filipinos in the local community as well as tribal (native) Filipinos in the surrounding mountains.

You can help provide medical and dental care to the impoverished. Here's how.

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Scenes From Medical Mission 2013

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Why We Built This Clinic

Accessible healthcare is an important part of a family's ability to survive and thrive. Without healthcare, Filipino families frequently break apart leaving children abandoned or orphaned and traumatized. The fortunate kids land in Rehoboth Children’s Home, but the vast majority are left with neighbors, live on the streets, or succumb to worse situations, facing a bleak future. Why can't families get health care? Read on...



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