Rehoboth Children's Home


A toddler is found wandering in the streets, disoriented and with no knowledge of their family.
The three youngest sibling in a family of eight are given shelter as their mother and father are unable to put enough food on the table to allow all of their children to survive. 
A newborn baby is surrendered for adoption by her teenage mother who was raped.

These are the typical stories that face Rehoboth Children's Home constantly.   IMG 2081

The home has the capacity to care for 24 children, and is consistently over capacity because of the needs in the community.  Each day, babies and children wake up, take meals as a family, and play and go to school under the loving and nurturing guidance of the carers.  Teachers prepare lessons for the older children in the home and children in the local community that would be unable to attend school without assistance.  

On top of this, a social worker tirelessly processes paperwork so that these children can either be reunited with their birth families, or placed for adoption.  Since the home began in July of 2003, our goal has always been to facilitate placing the children back in their birth families.  Sadly, circumstances are such that reunification is not possible in many cases.  For these children, the staff of the orphanage actively work to make an alternative plan for their futures through adoption.  In this way, most of our children have found new homes domestically in the Philippines and around the world including in Australia, Italy, Spain, Finland, Canada and the United States.

sswanborough5All of the functions and activities of the Rehoboth Children's Home, including fiscal management, are overseen by the Board of Directors of Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries.  The board is comprised of three Philippine nationals, one British expatriate and an American, all having been involved since the ministry began and having a heart for improving the futures of children and families in the Philippines.




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