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Let us show you around Rehoboth Clinic ...

first patient 2 28 15

July 2, 2016--We officially opened the doors of Rehoboth Clinic to the public on March 1, 2015. But even before opening, while staff were setting up, our first patient arrived, a young girl who had been prescribed antibiotics by an outside doctor. With nowhere else close to go, her mother brought her to us. Note the expression of joy on the girl's face as she realized she was being served by caring professionals in a clean facility.

Well, she really did handle it well.

Rehoboth Clinic provides such routine health services, but the initial focus is primarily on birthing, including pre-natal checkups, low-to-medium risk deliveries and newborn screenings. Called a 'Paanakan' (birthing home) in Tagalog, the clinic is staffed by professionally licensed midwives.The Philippines has a high infant and mother mortality rate compared to most nations, largely due to the economic stress placed upon families. A large percentage of rural moms--especially those in the mountains--deliver at home with poorly trained helpers. Our midwives provide expert and compassionate care for all who come, regardless of economic or political status. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week, the clinic was accredited by the Department of Health in May, 2016. Accreditation as a provider under Philhealth national health insurance coverage should soon follow, which will make it possible for us to receive payment for services to patients who cannot otherwise pay.

hanging sign 01


 Let's go in. We have a large patient waiting area which is currently unused due to low traffic. When we have doctors available on a daily basis, this waiting area should be busy. In the future, we will hang a TV to show a variety of pre-selected videos on common health issues, nutrition, and other topics for those waiting.

patient waiting area

 The consultation area and reception is at the top of the ramp. No nurses, receptionist or office staff have been hired at this time. The midwives handle all of their intake and billing matters from the consultation area.

nurses station 03 nurses station 05 nurses station 04 e

In the future we plan to introduce electronic records, to make it easier to maintain patient histories. The Philippines is a logbook-based society, and consequently, health records are scant at most facilities.

Here is the floorplan of Rehoboth Clinic.

DOH floorplan 

Several Filipinos who have visited the clinic comment that by Philippine standards a building this size would normally be a 10-bed hospital. But as there is so little medical presence in Sampaloc, an area of 30,000 people, our strategy was to build an outpatient client and a birthing center, to help families practice better health maintenance and avoid situations that would escalate to the hospital. Emergencies and high risk births must be referred elsewhere. In some cases we have transported laboring moms to a hospital when the Sampaloc transport vehicle was unavailable.

The labor and recovery room has two beds and IV stands. It is adjacent to a private bathroom with shower. There is also a sterile station for clean up...

labor room 2 beds labor delivery hall

Here is the birthing room:

birthing room 01

birthing room 02 birthing room 03

Over 100 babies have been born in this room in the past 16 months. Two trained and licensed midwives attend every birth, and with sterile equipment and quiet, comfortable surroundings we are expecting the best possible outcomes for mother and child. Here are a few of our early deliveries:

#1 #3 #5
#6 #7 & #8 unknown 01

We began giving each mom a gift bag after we had donations of diapers, toys, and other needs. We also give a certificate to each with a photo and vital statistics.

In a follow-up visit we perform a newborn screening, which is vital to detecting certain serious conditions.

newborn screening 01 E newborn screening 03

For those babies with the conditions, it allows doctors time to start treating them before some of the harmful effects happen. Babies sometimes need antibiotics on follow-up visits to clear up infections

newborn injection 02   newborn injection 01 E



Ate Nita with newborn Here is our chief midwife and clinic supervisor, Juanita Del Rosario.
or those babies with the conditions, it allows doctors to start treatment before some of the harmful effects happen. - See more at:
for those babies with the conditions, it allows doctors to start treatment before some of the harmful effects happen. - See more at:

The midwives assist mothers by treating their toddlers as well.

midwife with toddler


Here is the OB/GYN exam room, one of three small exam rooms.The others are reserved for pediatrics and for rotating specialties.
And a supply and sterilization room rounds out the currently used parts of the building.
ob gyn room 01  supply room 01supply room 02

So what are the areas we are not yet making use of? Besides one small exam room, there are 4 others with significant potential but lack of funding....

future reception future pharmacy future lab
The reception window and office
The pharmacy (shown as "Business Office" on the floor plan)
The lab for basic tests

And last but not least, a fully outfitted dental room! Here are a few children from the orphanage being treated by a team of visiting dentists.

dental mission

 Besides its use as an outpatient clinic, the staff also occasionally treat dehydration cases, respiratory illness, ...

IV ward 02

 ... and even watch over orphans who enter Rehoboth at death's door. This tiny guy is now thriving.

Low birth weight


 We hope you enjoyed the tour! Keep us in your prayers!

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