Why We Built A Clinic

How would you seek medical care if you had...

            No time...             no doctor...            no transportation...            no political credentials...            no money...


'Ba' is a word that stands for a 'question mark' in Tagalog. It is a word you might speak if you don't know how to respond. It is a word that describes how many Filipinos might react to the question about medical care above. Going to a doctor is a “pie-in-the-sky” idea, an impossibility. Too many barriers to think about--even political for some!

With one-quarter of Filipinos below the Philippine poverty line, it is easy to see that health maintenance might be a lower priority than, say, FOOD. Obtaining food is the chief daily goal for many, and with spotty, low-paying employment there are a lot of hungry days on the calendar. Malnourishment enhances every illness. And without an ability to think beyond food to healthcare, parents and wage earners succumb to easily-preventable illnesses, further deepening the pit they find themselves in. Most of the children in the Rehoboth Children’s Home come from families that have broken up due to economic hardships, often caused by health crises.

Sampaloc, as a rural community, has a higher than average concentration of impoverished people, and the native tribal peoples in the more remote mountain areas typically have no money at all. Our area is home to thirty thousand people who routinely suffer under untreated health problems--high blood pressure, TB, diabetes, rotten teeth, etc. Many have no more than limited traditional remedies to comfort them. Tribal people in the mountains die without even knowing the cause of their illness, attributing it to spirits of the earth who have been offended. Mothers often give birth at home without a midwife. If a child gets diarrhea, parents may expect to lose them.

Filipinos are not complainers, so let me as a foreigner speak for them: “Help!” There is no steady doctor in the area, and charity services are an hour away from us—if they have bed space. Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries has seen a need to plant a medical/dental outpatient clinic and birthing center in this community that would provide free care to those unable to pay. A couple generous donors agreed and helped us construct a suitable building--step one. Now we need to outfit it with furniture and equipment, stock a small pharmacy, hire core staff and retain doctors. We need your help to make this building operational.

Please consider making a monthly pledge of any size to the Rehoboth Clinic operating fund. Maybe you would even help sponsor a health professional or staff member on a regular basis. We want to start with a dentist, since that room is already outfitted with a chair and X-ray. Or if you have more extensive financial resources, you could help us outfit another room. We’d be delighted to provide more details. 

For even a small amount of money you could bless a Filipino with a one-time doctor or dentist consultation. Or there are a variety of specific ideas on our immediate needs list. If you are having a difficult time thinking of a gift for your brother, maybe he would appreciate your donating a box of medicine to the Rehoboth Medical Clinic!

This is a way to show love to people who do not know you and who will probably be unable to thank you. But their thanks will certainly flow to God, and He knows who had the thought of blessing them.

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